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The first time I met Claire she told me “I am really easy going and laid back”. She was right! From their fun engagement session to their Spring wedding, Claire was so happy and just so ready to be Matthew’s wife! When I walked into the getting ready room, Claire had her details ready. As […]

Claire + Matthew | Spring Wedding in Monroe NC

June 14, 2021


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Kristen and Shane’s wedding was my first one of the year and I could not have picked a better way to kick off my 2021 wedding season. I first met Kristen when she sent me a DM on Instagram. her message said,  “I am in love with your work and your cute personality”.  She went […]

Kristen + Shane | Columbia South Carolina Wedding

February 9, 2021


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Katie and Seth’s wedding at Tuscan Ridge in Oakboro had, quite possibly, the most gorgeous weather. Even though it was November, it felt like a perfect spring day. I had been looking forward to their wedding for over a year! Their engagement session showed me that they were such a warm and loving couple, and […]

Katie + Seth |Oakboro Wedding at Tuscan Ridge

November 21, 2020


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Ciara and Drew’s Wedding at Legacy Stables in Winston Salem is one that I won’t soon forget. Every wedding has special moments that really stay with me, and this one had me in tears. Ciara knew she wanted to have a first look with her dad, what she didn’t know is that HE had planned […]

Ciara + Drew | Winston Salem Wedding at Legacy Stables and Events

November 11, 2020


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I am so excited to share this sweet wedding on the blog! When Rachael first reached out to me I was so excited to get to know her and Jonathan better. I just had a sense that I would love them, and I was right! I shot their engagement session and learned so much about […]

Rachael and Jonathan | Intimate Fall Wedding

October 13, 2020


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If you follow me on instagram you know that I said if weddings had names, Celina and Bryce’s wedding would be called the flower wedding, and you will see why! I have had the pleasure of knowing Celina for quite a while since we went to the same church, so when I was asked to […]

Celina + Bryce

August 6, 2020


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Summer weddings are some of my favorites, but in North Carolina they can be tricky. It seems like rain is always in the forecast, and Brittany and Caleb’s wedding was no different. We made plans for showers, but were pleasantly surprised with clear skies…until the very end of the day! Even though tiny weddings are […]

Brittany + Caleb

July 30, 2020


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I am so excited about this DIY because it’s for both brides and photographers. Velvet ring boxes are very popular in wedding detail photos, and for good reason! Not only are they beautiful, they make your rings stand out and look amazing in photos. I have a few that I keep in my styling kit, […]

How to customize a velvet ring box

May 9, 2020


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We have all head the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Alyssa and Adam were given the biggest bowl of sour lemons, but together with their families, they were able to make the sweetest lemonade. Alyssa had planned a large and beautiful wedding surrounded by all of her friends and family. From the […]

Alyssa + Adam

April 21, 2020


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Last week I got a call from Aislinn’s dad asking if I was available to shoot his daughter’s wedding….the very next day. I know you may be wondering why it was so last minute, but Aislinn’s year long planning for her dream wedding had come to a halt because of Covid-19. My heart went out […]

Aislinn + Chris

March 29, 2020


Sthefanie Carriker