Shumate Family Session


September 17, 2020

I know I say that every session is special, but this one really is. I first met Katlyn at a wedding seven years ago, when she introduced herself and said she followed me on instagram, and loved my daughter. I was shocked because it was the first time someone had ever “recognized me” from social media. We smiled, exchanged hellos, and went our separate ways. A few days later, Katlyn messaged me on facebook to let me know she worked with special needs kids, and If I ever needed a sitter to reach out.

If you know me, you know that I have an over active imagination, and always play out the worst case scenario in my head. Here was this sweet girl who wanted to offer support and be my friend , and the ONLY thing I could think was, “she wants to steal my baby” lol

Looking back I laugh so hard when I think about setting up our meeting in a public place so if she tried anything….there would be witnesses. Guys, I have watched too. many. crime. shows.

After vetting her through a mutual friend, I decided to give our relationship a shot, and it was one the best decisions ever. We even got pregnant at the same time with our boys, and it was so fun to have a friend go through pregnancy alongside of me.

Katlyn and her family are fun loving, and that is exactly what they brought to their session. It was full of golden light, tall grassy fields, and giggles.

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