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Charlotte Wedding Photography Ideas

September 28, 2022

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It’s the most precious time of your life- capture it! Finding the perfect Charlotte wedding photography location for your engagement session can be hard. Let me help you choose from the many beautiful places Charlotte has to offer. Some locations require fees to enter, but you’ll find unique and quiet moments away from the crowds.

Read along with me as I go over my favorite locations for Charlotte engagement sessions! Check out some swoon-worthy spots for wedding portraits and get inspired some quick day trips that are a must for adventurous couples.


Purser Husley Park

This underrated park is often overlooked by other Charlotte blog posts. Living in Matthews for a brief time led me to find local spots that you won’t see on your friend’s Instagram feeds. This park has miles of walking trails, a quaint community garden, and even a dog park for the dog lovers out there. Located right off Matthews-Mint Hill Road, it’s a quick drive away for South Charlotte couples.

Fairview Park

Also known as the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park, this location has many hideaways to offer. I love this park because of the greenery it provides. From lush green grass to picturesque trees, you’ll find enough nature to satisfy your inner nature lover within short driving distance from South Charlotte.

Fairview Park has a beautiful tree grove that’s free from underbrush and perfect for golden hour photos. Enjoy a beautiful lake reflecting the early-morning rays of light or the last few drops of sunshine, and dance along the old historic trees that line the park. You’ll capture special moments in this park that are often overlooked.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is famous in Charlotte because it has a gorgeous lake. It also has a beautiful stone bridge that transforms your photos. And hey, It’s okay if a herd of ducklings photobombs your engagement session. Nature, right?

This park is one of the largest and most popular spots for wedding photography in Charlotte. Couples take elopement photos, prom photos, and more here. It has a famous cobble-stone bridge arching over water, steps, benches, and more that gives you plenty of scenes for your wedding portraits. Oh, and did I mention the suspension bridge?? Get ready to be transported to the mountains with this amazing bridge.

For the more adventurous couples, the creek is wide and shallow enough to stand in (or on a rock) and get some dreamy portraits. We can wander for hours finding new places to capture your love together in this park, and I know all the hidden-gems that Charlotte wedding photographers often overlook.

Midtown Park

This park is the perfect blend of urban Uptown Charlotte and lush nature. First I like to sit at the (classy) outdoor tables with my couples and capture the backdrop of the city to set the scene. Then we’ll explore the various sculptures in the park for some memorable and dramatic pictures.

Midtown Park has a bridge that’s perfect for elegant photography couples. It’s classic & timeless with large planters, an elegant water feature, and a gorgeous trellis.

Marshall Park

Marshall Park also has picturesque views of the Queen City. For the city-loving couple who wants to capture the breathtaking skyline, this park is for you. Pro tip: Go in the late afternoon so you get a peek of sun through the Charlotte skyline for the best portraits.

Marshall Park also has dreamy cobble-stone bridges that transport you to another world. It’s like fairy-garden-meets-Scotland vibes. With its quaint pond & dreamy willow tree, this park checks all the boxes.

Private Properties

I can’t give away all my secret spots, so reach out to me and let’s discuss finding the perfect location for you! Dreamy flower fields, rolling hills, and more await my SCP brides. I have made relationships with local farmers, property owners, and more to secure exclusive rights to the best-kept-secret spots around the Charlotte area. All you need to do is reach out!


Although we love a good free park, there are also some unique charlotte wedding photography locations that you have to pay a small fee for. Paid locations usually mean less crowds and even more special and private moments for you and your loved one. Check out some of my favorite paid spots below!

Duke Mansion

Drift back in time with this historical mansion just a few miles from the city’s center. The Duke Mansion was built in 1957 and has gorgeous windows, wrap-around porches, and lush gardens. The Mansion is operated as a nonprofit with all proceeds being used to preserve and protect this community treasure.

The inside features timeless and elegant decor, floor-to-ceiling windows, iconic tiled foyers, crystal chandeliers, and more. We can rent a room for some intimate & special portraits, explore the hallways for dramatic portraits, and sit in the white rocking chairs on the porch for a quiet moment.

Outside of The Duke Mansion, the grounds are just as beautiful. From Alice-in-wonderland type topiary to the brick walkways and private trellises, the gardens are perfect for escaping into another world. The gardens are free and open for all during daylight hours nearly every day, as long as there is no private event. Bridal portraits on the property must have an appointment and fee, which I will help you book.

Founders Diary Barn at Anne Springs Close Greenway

Built in 1947, the Founders Dairy Barn provides a unique and beautiful venue for indoor/outdoor wedding photography. This large traditional white barn is picturesque in the rolling fields and even has a historic silo next to it for good measure. From the gorgeously unique silhouette of the window from the inside to the to the sun dipping low on the horizon, this venue is a must for couples who enjoy the countryside.

You’ll need to secure a Photography Pass to visit here, but I’ll help you take care of everything.

Fishers Farm Park

Fishers Farm Park is perfect for the couples who love the rugged beauty of nature. This park is known for it’s tall wild grass that makes your wedding portraits breathtaking. Going to this park at golden hour is a must to really maximize the golden kiss of the grass.

You’ll also find an antique & rusty barn and truck that gives your wedding portraits some texture and a unique vintage feel. If you’re a cowgirl-boot-wearing bride, this park is for you. North Charlotte couples will love the quick trip to this park.

McGill Rose Garden

On Mother’s Day, 1967, the McGill Rose Garden opened to the public with roses, greenery, and nature in an otherwise urban area. Today, it’s one of the hottest Charlotte date night spots and is rented out for special events.

Explore the lush rose bushes and unique trees that make the perfect back drop to your wedding portraits. The evening bulb lighting in the garden makes for an intimate photo moment. When you’re getting lost in the ivy you’ll forget you’re just a few steps away from NoDa.

Morning Glory Farm

For fans of modern barns, the Morning Glory Farm is perfect for you. Country-chic and ready to be photographed, this farm has a barn, rolling hills, a pond and even goats! Enjoy tall grass and ivy-laden arbors as we walk through finding the perfect photo spots.


If you’re willing to go on a fun day trip to scout out the best wedding photography locations, keep reading! Explore different landscapes and have an adventure while you’re at it.

Huntington Beach State Park & Atalaya Castle, NC

This picturesque beach is about 3 hours and 30 minutes away from Charlotte. I love this wedding photography spot because of the variety it has. You’ll find classic beach dunes & long grass but with palm trees and a gorgeous castle. Check out one of my favorite couple sessions at Atalaya Castle for inspiration!

Yup, you read that right. A castle! Say hello to dreamy exposed brick and bright blue pops of color in the windows. This castle is like south-Miami architecture plopped down into NC. I’ll get your photo in front of ivory covered walls and white brick archways as the sun peaks behind palm trees.

Charleston, SC

Where do I even start with Charleston? There are so many gorgeous places to photograph here. Small moments on iron-wrought alley staircases, bright colored houses and walls, and amazing restaurants to grab a bite to eat before you head back. Better yet, book an AirBnb and make a weekend out of it!

Book lovers? Try a local bookshop with character. Foodies? Let’s take a private cooking class and I’ll photograph your sweet moments together. Photos for your wedding announcements should be fun and show off your personality as a couple.


I’d love to talk with you and find your perfect wedding portrait location. Of course I’ll also let you in on my best kept secrets and places not mentioned above. Whether you’re looking for Charlotte wedding portraits, engagement sessions, or family portraits- I’ve got you covered. Reach out to me today and let’s start the conversation!

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