Cannuup Family | Old Haigler Inn | Charlotte, NC


January 27, 2020

When Ashton asked me to photograph her family, neither one of us knew that sickness and endless raining would keep delaying her session. If you live in NC you know the strange weather we have been facing. Spring like weather one day, only to have below freezing temps the next. All of the rain has been a blessing, but has also created a lot of mess. I’m talking mud and stuck trucks everywhere you turn.

But thank goodness that Ashton was beyond prepared when the day finally came, because a few minutes into shooting I managed to lead her son into muddy grass. Plop. From his hands to his pants he was covered in mud. I felt horrible! All I could think about was how long this family had waited for this day, and I managed to mess it up within minutes. I don’t know if she could see how embarrassed I was, but Ashton kept assuring me everything was fine, and let me know she had packed SEVERAL outfits for her son. SMART. She told me being a NICU nurse made her learn to be ready for anything, and she certainly was!

After a quick change, we walked down by the pond, and over to a field at Old Haigler Inn. If you haven’t heard of this Inn make sure you check out their FaceBook page , because they have some very exciting things planned for 2020. The rest of the hour went smoothly, and I had wonderful time just watching this family interact and love one another. Enjoy some of my favorite images from their session!

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