Alyssa + Adam


April 21, 2020

We have all head the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Alyssa and Adam were given the biggest bowl of sour lemons, but together with their families, they were able to make the sweetest lemonade.

Alyssa had planned a large and beautiful wedding surrounded by all of her friends and family. From the venue & food, to the flowers & her dress, she was getting ready to have the wedding she had dreamed of. Alyssa was not only excited about marrying Adam and jet setting to Italy for their honeymoon; she was also anticipating her graduation from medical school at USC. It was set to be the most exhilarating season of her life.

Like so many other couples, Alyssa and Adam’s wedding was affected by Covid-19. They could no longer have a large celebration, and they had two choices. To postpone the wedding until a further date, or go to ahead and get married surrounded by only their parents and siblings. They chose to embrace it and have an intimate ceremony at the Airbnb at the Old Haigler Inn.

Even though they couldn’t have ALL of their guests at their wedding, they were in for a big surprise! Twice, they were serenaded by cars full of loved ones driving by and wishing them congratulations on their wedding! It was such a beautiful thing to see, and even I teared up watching their exclamations of joy….from a safe distance 😉

Thank you Alyssa and Adam for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I pray the Lord will bless you both beyond measure as your start your lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Zeitouni !

Alyssa and Adam were so surprised as family started to drive by honking their horns!

After many happy tears it was time for the ceremony!

  1. Monica Theysohn says:

    These pictures are incredibly beautiful. You are very talented and I am so grateful and thankful that God placed you in our lives. You have captured the details and emotions of our intimate celebration.
    We will forever remember you as we treasure these photographs for years to come!!!
    Thank you from the mother of the bride, Monica

    • Sthefanie Carriker says:

      Monica! I am just now seeing this. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It was my pleasure to photograph your Alyssa’s wedding. You all welcomed me like a member of your family, and I will forever be grateful for that!

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